About us

We are a community based school with 480 students and 14 teachers located near Nairobi. We provide education from Baby class up to the 8th grade . We deliver a high level of education, while trying to build a good relationship between teachers and students. Many of our graduated students proceed to high school and some even to university.


When we first started at 2005 we had just 16 students, now we offer a good education for 480 students. Some of our students are even struggling to get one meal per day, that’s why we started our daily food program. This includes one free meal a day for our students and teachers.


It was always a big challenge for us to pay our teachers but since Nyendo started to cooperate with us it became a bit easier. Our food program is very expensive, to keep it alive is challenging. The teachers even donate food sometimes, so that the kids can have a good meal.